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Basic Information:

Project name: Stimulating Household’s Advancement through Integrated Learning and Economic Empowerment (SHAILEE)

Project duration: July 2013 to August 2016 (3 years)

Supported by: UKaid, GoB, SDC

Project status: Phased out

Project goal/objective: Government of Bangladesh MDG targets 1 and 2 on income poverty reduction and hunger achieved by 2015.

Geographical Coverage:

District Upazila
Rangamati 1.  Kaptai
  2.  Kawkhali
  3.  Rajasthali
Bandarban 4.  Rowangchari
  5.  Bandarban Sadar

 Major achievement:

Throughout the project life cycle, Green Hill produced a good number of achievements that is follows

  • 7500 BHHs have been trained on different Income Generating Activities. They are now well known about the different variety crops and seed, inter-care, pest management, introduction of fertilizer, identifying suitable income options, high value crop production, post-harvest handling, marketing and value chain development and micro business planning.
  • More than 80% beneficiary HHs of 7500 are enjoying increased income followed by investing in agro, livestock and small business IGAs by receiving Conditional Cash Transfer in 3 installment
  • 100% BHHs (7500) have their Village Savings in 349 Village Saving Loan (VSL) group and whereas their savings outstanding is 16516193 taka.
  • 17 collection points were established in project working areas and presently beneficiary- non-beneficiary are getting benefits of easy marketing process. These crops collection points are contributing in reducing labor cost, time, transportation cost, quality, linkage with buyers and having good price within the locality by the farmers/producer.
  • 7 Turmeric processing mill (TPM) were established in project areas and by which farmers are now getting additional market price, improving the quality of turmeric as well as reduce the time for turmeric processing.
  • 120 Traditional Attendance Birth (TBA) and 2271 adolescent girls have been trained on nutrition. They are now motivating and transferring their learned knowledge to the community level.

Major learning and Challenges:

Throughout the project life cycle, Green Hill gained a good number of learning and faces a few of challenges that is follows


  • CCT’s significant direct positive impacts on households getting out of their vicious circle of extreme poverty. Now they can satisfy their basic needs as well investing in IGA and maintenance cost for children education.
  • Intervention of VSL activities had a positive impact on household’s resilience where they save money, take loan, meet emergency need instantly, and invest in different income generating activities.
  • Turmeric processing mill (TPM) and Collection points / center provide multiple benefits (labor, time, cost, quality, linkage with buyers and good price within the locality etc.)


  • Ensuring market access especially in remote areas for product marketing has been a major challenge due to long transportation.
  • Lack of commitment of local government to provide supports to project beneficiaries after project closure

Unavailability of irrigation facility which hamper beneficiaries’ agricultural production during the cropping season.

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